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So the domain investor has written a large number of articles on various topics. Since she has been using a large number of bags, she likes to write articles on the different types of bags, purses, clutches and other similar products for companies worldwide. She has written the following bag related content based on information available
Product description for Amazon and other listings
Product reviews compiling reviews
SEO content

The product description can be for a specific model of a brand or a generic category description for envelope clutches or purses. Different products from various manufacturers and sellers will be compared, to compile their features, before generating relevant content. All the content is handwritten and will pass copyscape.

Content buyers will have to pay only if they approve the content supplied, and initially only 500 word articles can be provided
Please send your offer or request for information to or use the contact form
Suppliers, producers, of newspaper and other bags, self help groups, non profit organizations, NGOs who wish to receive leads , enquiries for newspaper bags , can contact on with their business profile, contact details. Please do not send attachments. Other online marketing assistance can also be provided, Due to CORRUPTION,BRIBERY and FINANCIAL FRAUD in india, especially in the indian internet, tech sector, to pay domain renewal expenses, the real domain investor, a private citizen is also writing marketing content, and has alone written more than 4000 marketing articles for businesses in USA, Singapore, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong. For more information, please send email to