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Please note that these bags are not available since December 2021,due to lack of stock.
Foldable washable fabric bags available
Foldable washable fabric bags available at the cheapest rate in India made from polyester blend fabric.
Different colours, print available depending on demand
Size of bag (excluding handle) minimum : 35 cm X 35 cm
Slightly large bag will be supplied due to manufacturing tolerance.
Handle length can be changed as required.
Price (excluding shipping + postage) : Rs 49 per piece
Customization option with embroidery or handpainting available
Can be used for wiping dirt, as a handkerchief/napkin if required.
If required a zip will be provided at an additional cost
Delivery by VPP only
Sample requested will be delivered by VPP only
Application: Shopping, storing or covering, customized larger or smaller sizes can be provided depending on application
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