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Some of the factors which should be considered while choosing the material are
Material price - high qualityleather is very expensive
Maintenance required
Load carrying capacity

Leather is the most stylish and comfortable bag material. However quality leather purchases are very expensive and not very durable. If the leather becomes wet in the monsoon and does not dry, it can develop a fungus. It is also more delicate and can be cut with a knife. It is also not washable

Fabric bags are usually the cheapest reusable bags which are available. The load carrying capacity depends on their design. Some fabric bags, especially cotton bags will disintegrate within a few days if they are used to carry heavy items,either the strap will come of or they will develop a hole at the bottom. So it is important to check the quality of the bag.

Synthetic materials are widely used, but the bags are not comfortable and getting spoiled quickly.
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