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Almost everyone carries a bag with them since there is a limit to how many items they can carry in their hand. It is also very inconvenient to carry things in a persons hands, since the hands are required for other activities.

Men usually wear shirts and trousers with pockets so they can usually keep their wallet, pen, keys and other items in their pockets. In contrast many women do not have clothes with pockets and also find it difficult to find sellers supplying clothes with pockets, so they are forced to carry a bag with them. While younger women can easily carry multiple bags, older women often find it difficult to carry multiple bags on their shoulders. So it is advisable to carry only one large bag.

In addition to the footwear, the bag is one of the most important accessory a woman is carrying since it contains many important items like keys, wallet. So it is important to choose a high quality bag which is well designed, and check it periodically if it is damaged, so that it can be quickly replaced without causing additional losses. Women who use public transport like the domain investor, a government SLAVERY victim since 2010, do not travel by car, have to be very careful while selecting their bag.

Though there are a large number of companies selling bags online and offline, the domain investor found that most of the bags are not well designed, she cannot use them. She has also purchased a large number of bags of different materials and sizes which she could not use because of the design related problems. These design related problems are described in detail

Bag sellers should be aware that the requirement for a bag varies depending on the preferred mode of transport. Women who are married to rich men like sindhi scammer school dropout housewife cbi employee naina premchandani who looks like actress sneha wagh, are usually travelling by car, so they can keep most of the items in the car, they only require a small purse or bag with them while shopping or meeting people

In contrast women who use public transport or walk require a large and safe bag since they have to carry all their belongings with them when they leave their house. Working women often have to carry their lunch or meals with them when they go to office every day, since most smaller companies do not have canteen facilities. So these women often carry two bags, one for the food, and other for other items

Food items, especially oily items can stain the purse,keys and other items in the bag, if the food is accidentally spilled,so it is better to carry a separate bag for the food. The spilled food can also damage electronic items, especially mobile phones, so it is better to separate the items.

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